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Becoming a member of Sport Climbing Queensland gives you access to many services. It is also the best way to support the sport you love and contribute to climbing becoming always better.

Membership is delivered by Sport Climbing Australia, our national body. By joining Sport Climbing Australia, you’ll automatically become a member of Sport Climbing Queensland. Join here.

Membership Benefits:

  • Access to all SCQ activities organised in your state of residence by your state committee
  • Participate in State and National (national membership required) SCA sanctioned competitions
  • Participate in International competitions sanctioned by the IFSC (International Licence Application required)
  • Vote in official SCA processes

You will support:

  • The actions of your state committee (regional events, state team, workshops)
  • Development of the sport at a national and international level
  • Australian Youth and Adult team that represent our country at international events
  • Growth of indoor competition and other climbing events within Australia
  • The development of standards and certification for better instructions and a higher standard of safety

What are the membership fees used for:

  • Contribution to state committees (50% of state membership)
  • IFSC Annual Fee
  • Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Bank and Government fees
  • Website Support fees
  • Contributions to Australian Team members
  • SCA Promotion
  • Drug Testing
  • Other projects

Climbing Membership $30.00:

National Membership includes the state membership: allows to participate in all SCA events around Australia. National membership is necessary to participate in National, Continental and International SCA and IFSC events and to participate in National training camps. National members have full voting rights if aged over 15.

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