Supporting SCQ

There are many ways to support SCQ including but not limited to:

There are many roles that make up the team of people behind SCQ and the competitions we run.

Board Positions

SCQ is composed of a President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and a minimum of five general board members. SCQ can not function legally without these positions. Board members meet monthly to discuss, manage, and uphold SCQ’s mission and vision. SCQ’s annual AGM in September is where these positions are filled.

Meet the Board

Supporting Roles and Positions

Many roles come together to make events happen and to keep SCQ running and we can always use the extra help.

Event Roles

Supporting Roles

Event Roles

Volunteer Coordinator

Currently held by: OPEN

The volunteer coordinator responsibilities include managing the facebook page, contacting volunteers in the lead up to SCQ sanctioned events and taking care of volunteer tasks on competition day. The volunteer coordinator will contact volunteers who have signed up through the SCQ website to confirm roles and times. Once confirmed, the volunteer coordinator will write these into the appropriate event roster. The volunteer coordinator will communicate with the Head Judge, Jury President, and Belay Coordinator before and during events. During events the volunteer coordinator will sign in volunteers and ensure volunteers are well looked after on the event day (food, water, etc).

Apply here: Volunteer Coordinator Application

Route Setter Liaison

Currently held by: Mitch Keft

The route setter liaison is responsible for recruiting route setters and managing the team for each state event, including accommodation. The liaison will communicate with SCQ, facilities, and setters.

Apply here: Route Setter Liaison

Event Coordinator

Currently held by: OPEN

The event coordinator responsibilities include contacting facilities and the outcome of their submitted EOIs. They will organise and coordinate MOUs, meetings leading up to the event, and debriefs. They will ensure competition tasks have been completed leading up to events including open registration portals, t-shirt orders, collection of event registration list, promotional material, and volunteer coordinator and route setter liaison are on track.

Apply here: Event Coordinator

Supporting Roles

Head Coach

Currently held by: Zac Marsden

The Head Coach helps manage and train the youth state team. It is expected the Head Coach runs a minimum of two training camps a year. The Head Coach attends State Youth events and the Youth Nationals. The Head Coach will work in accordance with the morals and ethics of Sport Climbing Queensland.

Team Manager

Currently held by: Marion Picot

The team manager is responsible for contacting athletes on their selection, communicating to athletes the details of training camps and National events. It is expected that the team manager will attend events with athletes (expenses reimbursed), organise group accommodation, and be responsible for lodging appeals during events.

Apple here: Team Manager

Social Media

Currently held by: Angela Stark

SCQ’s current social media platforms are facebook and instagram. These platforms are the primary source of where SCQ communicates with its members and general public. SCQ is looking for someone who will post regularly about SCQ including promotion of events, sponsors and facility members, reminders of key dates, COVID updates, and other climbing news. This person should also have a drive for creative photo content for our instagram account and is expected to post very heavily on stories during competitions.

Apply here: Social Media Superstar


Currently held by: OPEN

Climbing is becoming a mainstream sport and it is therefore extremely important we connect and reach out to the wider community about who we are and what we do. Our marketing person is someone who understands how PR works and can reach out to media outlets to organise interviews including radio, TV, and articles. This person will communicate with our national body any media enquiries. They will coordinate, manage and organise sponsors for each year and it is expected that they will write media summaries for each event.

Grant Writer

Currently held by: OPEN

As a non-for-profit organisation SCQ heavily relies on grants to further our sport and visions. We are looking for someone who can find new grants and apply for them.

Apple here: Grant Writer


Currently held by: OPEN

As a growing sport we require someone who can manage our day to day enquiries. Other tasks include the creation and sending out a monthly newsletter.

Apply here: Administration

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